Foodmama take-out platform was launched in new mountain, Malaysia

Source:Chen ling technology Time:2017-12-19

Foodmama mobile app is a malaysian-centric, integrated messaging mobile app that combines delivery platforms and lifestyle services.

Featured services:

All kinds of entertainment:

support online reservation restaurant service, advance booking no longer waiting;

Takeaway food ordering to eat a good time, the surrounding recommended food scenery;

Travel easy to get:

ticket booking quality travel, ship tickets online purchase;

Go out to take a taxi no longer worry, express car taxi convenient departure;

Online selection of high quality movie news:

cinema membership card merchant coupons, movie tickets to enjoy value more discount waiting for you;

Hot movie family share, blockbuster trailer to see first;

Product features:

Eat, drink and be skittles are all there is to offer: great food selection, lots of coupons to collect, discounts on meals, everything delicious; Ordering food, new users order polite and send, surprise big red envelope waiting for you; Travel group purchase, find new world, take you to play a new pattern, play new; There are hotel reservations, air tickets at a discount, movie specials, taxis and other group purchase a variety of benefits do not stop!

Foodmama provides consumer reviews, merchant ratings, merchant information inquiries, and other features designed to provide users with quality services!

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