Service System

Your software engineering and technology innovation solution provider

As a technology supplier, we go beyond the traditional outsourcing model and provide differentiated business model through collaborative innovation with customers.Build feasible overall solutions, create valuable products through customization, promote business value, make products stand out in the market, and promote market competitiveness.

Service Advantages

  • Solutions Consulting

    Senior team to provide innovation guidance, product analysis, strategic advice, business planning, market analysis, technology selection, product planning, project construction, business team configuration and other aspects of the advisory and advisory services.Through full communication and research on site and remotely, the feasibility plan and report in this field will be worked out to ensure the most suitable way for the market and the competitive advantage of the industry.

  • Product Analysis

    Collaborative innovation with customers, combined with the market and business models to conduct the thorough research to the product, the customer's idea into the available software, and do the feasibility evaluation and prototyping, design demand plan, ensure the rationality of the product, integrity, feasibility, ensure the informatization implementation plan can really solve the problem, bring the real value of the user.

  • UX/UI design

    User-centered design principles, through scientific design methods, intuitive, friendly, simple as the principle, user experience design and user-friendly interface design, improve the overall service system awareness and user operability, achieve product differentiation, in the balance between user needs and business goals.

  • Software development

    Based on the agile development model, the r&d team has established a set of flexible and rapid iterative development process, from planning to core function development and deployment, which can be continuously improved according to customer feedback to ensure the success of each stage of the software development process and efficiently achieve the expected results.

  • Progress control

    Standardized and efficient design, development, testing process, strict control of the project schedule.Supports a complete software development lifecycle.

  • QA to ensure

    With the help of professional testing techniques and tools, unit testing and process testing can be realized according to the coding process.Conduct performance test, code specification test and stress test after coding.The team consists of product manager, project manager and UI&UE and development team to conduct usability test and user interaction experience test in user interface.

  • Information security

    Provide user management, authority management, including encryption, signature and other means of a variety of security measures.From the physical security, network security, system security and application security level of security design.The measures include security operating system, security database, intrusion detection, system vulnerability scanning and virus protection system.And make local or cloud data backup mechanism.

  • Operational implementation

    With more than one million project implementation experience, I have combined design according to project requirements, from technology to deployment, from software to hardware, to project debugging and installation, and quickly customized implementation plan, to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the project, timely response to failures, and provide fault diagnosis analysis and solutions.

Service Process

Service Process

Post Support

  • Project Manager

  • Product Manager

  • JS Engineer

  • Android Engineer

  • Test Engineer

  • Implementation Engineer

  • IOS Engineer

  • JAVA Engineer

  • UI Designers

  • Architect