Big Data Visualization

Data visualization application is a visualization application system that aims at massive data information and explores, presents and expresses the meaning of data through visual presentation.


With the advent of the era of data, data analysis, mining and visualization have become an urgent need for the development of information technology, among which visualization provides a very important technical means for human to insight into the connotation of data and mining the value of data.How to find effective solutions for data presentation, management, analysis and application in the context of "big data era" for massive data sets of all walks of life has become an urgent problem to be paid attention to and solved in the era of data use and Internet of things.The data visualization application aims at the massive data information, USES the graph, the chart the method lets the data guide our production and the life.

Big data visualization service platform is an auxiliary visualization platform to explore, display and express the meaning of data through visual presentation

Service Advantages

  • Multiple data source support

    Support Orade, Mysql, SAP HANA, SAP BW, Sql Server and other data sources

  • Visual theme customization

    According to the business characteristics of different industries, key business data, and the data concerns of different customers, develop multiple visual themes tailored to users' industry and business needs for customers

  • Visual cool chart

    The visualization of various types of data through a variety of presentation forms will eventually provide customers with the system analysis and design supported by decision makers

  • Multiterminal presentation

    Support multiple types of terminal display;Mobile terminal, grasp fresh data at any time;PC side, flexible control data trend;Big data screen, wonderful data scene;Keep track of the business at all times

  • Geographic information visualization

    It supports drawing geographic trajectory, geographical flying-line, thermal distribution, regional block, 3D earth and other effects, and supports multi-layer superposition of geographic data

  • 3d model customization

    We provide 3d model customized development services, including 3d architectural model, 3d industrial model, 3d weapon equipment model and 3d battlefield environment model, etc., and can introduce real-time data synchronization display through data interface development.

Industry support

Industry support

The big data visualization service platform supports the construction of different industries and business application systems, such as industrial economy, public service, urban management, environmental resources, tourism, transportation, etc.By combining the industry status and business direction, we can provide targeted solutions for different industry applications. Based on the visualization service platform, we can quickly build the visualization application system of the industry.

  • Financial
  • Education
  • New Media
    New Media
  • Market
  • Marketing
  • Tourism
  • Medical Services
    Medical Services
  • Building
  • Logistics