Digital Business System

Brick-and-mortar business circle + Internet + services, to build a full range of Internet open platform, through the combination of online and offline, to provide the business ability of brick-and-mortar business, enhance the online and offline shopping experience.

Service Characteristics

  • Logistics Supply Chain

    Logistics Supply Chain

    Based on the order analysis of physical stores and online shopping malls, and in accordance with the distribution principle, coordinate distribution with physical stores and logistics to deliver goods to the stores and home quickly.

  • Online-offline Integration

    Online-offline Integration

    Relying on the physical advantages of the business circle, the online platform is constructed to gather all kinds of retail formats, provide customers with diversified commodities and services, and create a diversified O2O scene.

  • Unified Information Drainage

    Unified Information Drainage

    With the information technology to achieve regional unified drainage, that is, with activities, materials, card coupons, experience and other drainage, at the same time to provide customers with food ordering, movie tickets, intelligent parking, indoor navigation, electronic payment and other intelligent services.

Function To Present

  • Smart Parking

    Reverse vehicle search, parking fee payment, scheduled parking, vehicle charging, lift car.

  • Business District Map Guide

    Indoor and outdoor map navigation.

  • Intellectual Property

    Property payment, report and repair, property reminder, automatic copy, public resource management, energy efficiency management.

  • Wisdom Mall

    Shopping, intelligent logistics, consumption guidance, diversified culture.

  • Wise Decisions

    User model, customer flow analysis, consumption analysis, flat effect analysis.

  • Intelligent Life

    Food and entertainment payment, group purchase, cinema tickets, hotel reservations.

  • Business Management Intelligence

    Membership system, points system, electronic investment, merchants, shops system.

  • Wisdom Of The Financial

    Bank docking, financial management, intelligent accounting, settlement.

Presents The Terminal

Technology Application

With the continuous emergence of new technologies, the Internet of things, cloud computing and big data have become the core of the smart business circle.In the planning of smart cities in the future, the supporting services and big data provided by the business circle are the most important components of smart cities and lay the foundation for the development of smart cities.

  • Internet of things

  • Cloud computing

  • Big data

  • Urban supporting services

  • Server

System Architecture Diagram

System Architecture Diagram