Mobile App Development

Provide one-stop customized service of APP research and development, operation, promotion and maintenance, based on mixed development modes such as android, IOS and HTML.


The r&d team focuses on industry-wide APP solutions

Create customized APP application services for the whole industry, including product research, demand analysis, UX and UI design, development, testing, deployment and launch and a series of technology implementation.Realize mobile mutual strategic layout and intelligent management of enterprises to ensure the commercial value of products.Use Andriod, IOS, HTML mixed development mode to enhance the application more perfect control experience.

  • IOS

    Objective-c is a mainstream IOS development language. On the basis of C language, objective-c is a general-purpose high-level programming language expanded by object-oriented features.

  • Andriod

    Android is a linux-based free and open source operating system, led and developed by Google and the open handset alliance.

  • JAVA

    Based on the characteristics of high availability, high reliability and scalability of enterprise applications, the industry mature J2EE architecture is selected as the basic platform.

  • HTML

    HTML5+CSS3 gives better meaning and structure.Using Vue, the React framework builds data-driven Web apps that are much more valuable to applications and users alike.

  • Mysql

    MySQL is a relational database management system, based on customer/server or B/S architecture with complete data management functions.


  • The Design Requirements

    Simple operation, friendly interface, flat design.

  • The Application Type

    Terminal support iPhone&Android etc

  • User-oriented

    Registered members, relevant users and background management

  • User-Oriented

    App Store, App release of background management system (qr code), and android release in major mainstream markets

Involved In Industry

  • Electricity

    Apply leading technology to ensure payment security, and devote to creating diversified e-commerce industry

  • Community Logistics · Logistics

    Provide iot, big data, security management, and facilitate the rapid development of the logistics industry for warehousing, transportation and other scenarios

  • Restaurant · Hotel

    Search positioning to provide more accurate services, business management, big data analysis and other integrated industries

  • Financial Insurance

    Tailored security, compliance, low-cost, high-performance and highly available cloud services for customers in the financial industry

  • Medical · Education

    We adopt a unified management system for the professionalism of the healthcare and education industries

  • Car · Tourism

    For the automotive industry to create a better car service system for the tourism industry to create a more comfortable and convenient business system

Typical Cases