E-commerce solutions

Omni-channel + omni-scene, based on the user advantage of social platform, realizes multi-scene marketing, and creates ecological e-commerce platform in line with business development needs for various industries.


B2C/B2B e-commerce overall solution

With the continuous development of e-commerce in China, the boundary between online and offline has become increasingly blurred, and the integration of online and offline has become the key for enterprises to improve their services and marketing.

Years of experience in e-commerce development and industry, covering more than 20 kinds of mainstream e-commerce industry, to create e-commerce overall solution services in line with business development needs for all industries.

Omnichannel Presentation

  • PC mall

    The screen is larger and the content is more comprehensive

  • Offline Store

    Offline physical stores and online stores are sold simultaneously

  • Appmall

    Free flow entrance many, fission promotion ability is strong

  • APP store

    APP store for IOS/ android phones

  • WeChat mall

    The screen is larger and the content is more comprehensive

  • Mobile phone touch screen mall

    Any mobile device can open the order

  • Multiple presentation channels

    You have more options

Marketing Function

  • Spell group

    Invite friends to join a group and get preferential prices

  • Seconds kill

    Limited time/limited discount sale, leading users to snap up

  • Coupons

    Distribute coupons to customers

  • Share the preferential

    Encourage users to share with discounts

  • Integral

    According to the purchase of points, set the corresponding points rules

  • Cash back

    Set the rebate amount according to the purchase amount

  • Lucky draw

    Set up prize rules and offer the chance of drawing prizes

  • With preferential reduction

    According to the amount of consumption, to provide users with corresponding discounts

  • Limited-time discount

    Offer timed discounts on merchandise

  • Pre-deposit top-up

    Member top-up can enjoy cash back discount, the platform to grasp the stable cash flow

  • Online payment

    Support alipay, WeChat payment, make WeChat friend payment

  • Logistics query

    Preset a number of local express delivery company to facilitate the choice of logistics support interface query

Industry E-commerce Solutions

  • General department store industry
    General department store industry

    The traditional supermarket department store industry builds a quick and convenient shopping platform through the e-commerce system

  • Cross-border retail industry
    Cross-border retail industry

    Overseas direct mail, bonded cargo collection, customs clearance and preparation of goods, three cross-border mode of solution

  • Domestic outfit building materials
    Domestic outfit building materials

    Excellent case push, user experience superior online customer service system, for you to create a top home decoration website

  • Fresh industry
    Fresh industry

    Perfect combination of online and offline, gather consumer groups, and experience the pleasure of new fashion consumption

  • Accessories

    High-end design style of light luxury and small capital products, improve product grade and promote sales level

  • Food

    Nearby food push, accurate positioning, food classification, improve user experience

  • The car industry

    New and used car sales, automotive services, automotive finance as the main solution

  • Maternal and infant industry

    Set up the whole network platform, connect users with multiple contacts, and open up the all-channel solution of the maternal and infant market

One-stop Service

  • Successful customer experience

    Guide businesses to get started quickly, quickly clinch a deal

  • Professional customer service questions

    7*12 hours for customer consultation, and professional guidance for you to answer questions

  • Custom service

    Provide personalized e-negotiation system development services to help enterprises one-stop solution to retail business

  • The online training

    Organize online training, and timely communicate e-commerce gameplay for you