Wisdom Parking

With the help of intelligent parking equipment, the whole process of parking experience can be created through parking fee payment, parking reservation, reverse search, electronic payment and other functions.


Intelligent parking is a platform for comprehensive management and remote service of parking resources, parking information collection, parking reservation collection, etc. Through intelligent parking, the owner can quickly and real-time understand the relevant information of the parking space and provide the whole process parking experience for the owner.Improve the efficiency of parking lot operation and management, realize unattended parking lot, intelligent, electronic and humanized operation.

Reverse For Car

Input license plate to automatically query the parking location, and use indoor parking map to mark or navigate.

Parking Space Booking

You can check the number of remaining parking Spaces at home, make an appointment with one key, the system retains the designated parking space, and the indoor map guides parking.

  • To lock

  • Sound and light alarm

  • To lock

Parking Fee

Input license plate, choose a variety of payment methods, no need to run the service desk or charge booth for processing, saving time and effort, convenient and fast, good experience, high satisfaction.

Monthly Car Hire Fee

You can check the number of remaining parking Spaces at home, make an appointment with one key, and the system owner can apply for monthly rent and payment remotely through WeChat and APP. It is convenient, fast, time-saving and labor-saving, and there is no conflict between working hours.

Data Integration

Develop all kinds of API data interface: standardized API interface, docking all kinds of parking system, member system, property system.


  • Mall

    - Mall -

  • Hotel

    - Hotel -

  • Scenic Spot

    - Scenic Spot -

  • Public Carpark

    - Public Carpark -

Method Of Payment

  • WeChat

  • Pay Treasure

  • Integral

  • Coupons

  • Electronic Purse

  • Third-party Payment

User Terminal

  • WeChat Applet

  • APP