Touch Guide System

Touch guide information system integrates data integration, information query, route guidance and other functions. It adopts a variety of application scenarios and structured design to provide convenient and fast real-time information.


With the development of multimedia technology, people pay more and more attention to human-computer interaction and user experience.Everything is interconnected, like the Internet of things, smart cities and the five senses experience.Touch screen, as the latest computer input device, is the simplest, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction.It gives multimedia with a new look, is a very attractive new multimedia interactive equipment

The use of the guiding information system can improve the service level and quality, optimize the service environment, provide convenience for the service object, and relatively reduce the labor intensity of the staff.It is also a good way to release public information to the public, providing the service object with convenient and quick understanding, query and other real-time information.Its characteristic is intuitionistic, image, fast, beautiful, make service object relaxed freely, convenient and quick, one touch shows instantly, be clear at a glance.


Technical Support

  • System
  • Windows

  • Andriod

  • Language
  • Windows

  • Andriod


Core Function

  • 01Content customization is fully functional

    The touch guide information system integrates data integration, information query, route guidance and other functions.The system USES a variety of application scenarios, structured design

  • 02User-friendly interface design

    The interface of touch guiding information system is designed by professional UI, which fully considers user interaction and operation experience.No complicated operations, no dazzling menus.The user only needs to touch the corresponding icon on the screen lightly, can query the information easily

  • 03Extensible modular design

    Adopting the design principle of unified planning, parameterization and modularization, the function block can be added or decreased flexibly according to the user's needs.Hardware can be added for peripheral at any time.In terms of software, functional modules can be added flexibly according to the requirements of users, so that the system can have good expansibility

  • 04Security、Easy to maintain

    The user interface is separated from data maintenance, and the security and stability of the system are fully considered by means of data tamper-proof and interface encryption.The administrator maintains real-time data through the B/S management system.The system can be displayed through the browser and application installation files

  • 05Data information integration

    It can connect with the main information system through the data interface mode, realize the data integration with the information system, and achieve unified information management

Suitable For Industry

  • Mall

  • Government authority

  • Hotel

  • Scenic spot

  • Education and training

  • Health Care Industry

  • Airport

  • School

Typical Cases