Use Case

  • Qijiale Building Materials Online Mall

    Qijiale Building Materials Online Mall

    Qijiale distribution terminal is a building materials shopping mall software, using this software, we can buy the needed building materials products, members can also buy at a very preferential price

  • Hongguo Building Materials Online Mall

    Hongguo Building Materials Online Mall

    This platform is a building materials shopping mall platform based on APP and as the carrier. With online sales of building materials as the ultimate goal, it can place orders, pay, buy, distribute and distribute goods.

  • 1717 Building Materials Online Mall

    1717 Building Materials Online Mall

    This platform is a building materials shopping mall platform based on APP and as the carrier. With online sales of building materials as the ultimate goal, it can place orders, pay, buy, distribute and distribute goods.

  • Charity Fundraising App

    Charity Fundraising App

    In the spirit of "mutual help", all mutual aid plans on the platform stress the equality of mutual rights and obligations and take fairness, justice and transparency as basic principles.

  • State Grid Service Hall Touch Guide System

    State Grid Service Hall Touch Guide System

    Through the effective combination of foreground display and background management, multimedia touch query software not only provides simple management mode for managers, but also provides good touch query experience for users.

  • Shared Charger App

    Shared Charger App

    It's not just a charger, it's mobile power. Professional electrical mall.

  • Electrical Maintenance Service App

    Electrical Maintenance Service App

    Dada electrician provides high quality electrical services, which can be delivered to your home immediately by placing an order through your mobile phone.

  • G+ Social APP

    G+ Social APP

    Live show, show your color! Colorful singing style, high quality video screen, Live Live sound effects, gorgeous gifts, let you feel like in the concert scene!

  • Shopping Mall Touch Guide System

    Shopping Mall Touch Guide System

    Grand cross shopping plaza touch guide system, with food entertainment, parking for cars, map navigation, brand guidance, points exchange, discount activities, the latest video, membership services, business district introduction, mortal street APP ten categories.

  • Shopping Mall Big Date Visualization

    Shopping Mall Big Date Visualization

    Establish the big data analysis platform and application service of smart business circle, and serve the city management through the application of smart business circle service data analysis platform, such as understanding the flow of people and passengers in business circle, providing basis and reference for urban planning and traffic line design.

  • Digital Business District

    Digital Business District

    Mortal street smart business circle builder, smart mall, smart property, smart traffic, smart parking, all aspects of coverage, service you every aspect.

  • Public Benefit and Crowd Funding APP

    Public Benefit and Crowd Funding APP

    Rao shengdian is a professional enterprise hospital application software.With consumers and enterprises as the core, rao shengdian systematically solves health, career and cultural problems in life.

  • Foodmama Takeaway APP

    Foodmama Takeaway APP

    Food mama allows you to search for Food delivered to your home and find that you can book a restaurant to eat out. Browse through the thousands of gourmet restaurants to choose from and you can find instant delivery of restaurant menus, photos, user reviews and ratings to determine what to eat, and use our simple feature order payment using your credit, debit or Malaysian online banking services

  • Talent Show APP

    Talent Show APP

    Talent network is a website and app that connects local and urban traffic and shares resources with individuals, units and media. Through graphics, video and other forms to show a variety of talent, record your growth process and wonderful life.

  • Supervision of Stone Transport of App

    Supervision of Stone Transport of App

    A professional stone purchase app, stone bidding, loan, stone supply chain, the whole service platform.

  • Agricultural Products Traceability Mall

    Agricultural Products Traceability Mall

    An information management system that provides agricultural products production management, certification issuing management and other services for producers, promotes the electronization and standardization of agricultural production records, so that consumers can buy traceable agricultural products and feel safe to buy and eat.

  • Education Map APP

    Education Map APP

    Education map, the course platform loved by netizens! This app achieves five functions to improve learning progress: abundant and good course resources, strong translation ability, intimate learning experience, rich original content, and multi-terminal learning concept.

  • Teaching Learning Video APP

    Teaching Learning Video APP

    Qiansimijie is a database of old questions at any time brush, powerful teacher courses in time to see, more high scores with the experience of the author chat with you, old questions + video + experience + interaction + answer five one



    Oral PI APP provides a vivid, efficient and efficient academic learning platform for oral colleagues. Update video regularly every month, so that you can learn from oral experts without leaving your home.

  • Daddy Video APP

    Daddy Video APP

    Malaysia hd video playback APP, can upload video through multiple channels, more exclusive hd video attack. Select more popular movies for you, improve the user's movie-watching experience.

  • Intelligent Conference System

    Intelligent Conference System

    High-tech intelligent conference system with complete function, mature technology, wide application of centralized control system, implementation of the centralized control of all kinds of electronic equipment.

  • Qu Wang Travel APP

    Qu Wang Travel APP

    Take you on a tour of the surrounding travel services - the launch of quetong provides travelers with a new way to travel that is stylish, healthy, fun and interactive. As long as you download Qu Wang APP, travel happily, "Qu Wang" with you, everything makes you simple and happy.

  • Otaku Food Takeaway APP

    Otaku Food Takeaway APP

    Renren is the first and most professional third-party delivery platform in fengdu. The integration of the best fengdu merchants and goods, so that you do not leave home, enjoy online order-home delivery shopping experience!

  • Automobile service APP

    Automobile service APP

    Car rider, a customized mobile APP for your car. 100 professional technicians for your car escort, 50 stores at any time for your service, 3 million after-sales support.

  • Intelligent cargo  APP

    Intelligent cargo APP

    Che xing zhi yun is committed to making users more efficient and life more convenient. Provide 24 hours service for users, average 1 minute order response, 10 minutes to pick up. Direct delivery, faster and safer.

  • Derived from natural

    Derived from natural

    Fresh and delicious, you can get it to your home anytime you want it! It is mainly for fresh dishes to be cut and sold, and it will definitely give you fresh, safe and guaranteed food.

  • Mechanical Fan  APP

    Mechanical Fan APP

    Professional sales of mechanical equipment, more convenient search function, more selection function. Professional market evaluation equipment to improve user experience.

  • HI Fruit APP

    HI Fruit APP

    Free to eat fruit, free to play fruit, free hi fruit! Hi fruit is the largest fruit community in China, is the real integration of the mobile Internet business model and the traditional fruit industry.