Digital Community

We will make use of information technologies such as the Internet of things, cloud computing and mobile Internet to improve a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment and build an information-based and intelligent community with a new management model.


Smart community is a new concept of community management under the concept of smart city and a new mode of social management innovation under the new situation.Smart community is to make full use of the new generation of information technology such as Internet of things, cloud computing and mobile Internet to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment for residents, so as to form a new management mode area based on informatization and intelligent social management and service.

A panorama of the smart community

Service Classification

Service Classification
  • Realty Service

    Online payment, one-click warranty, complaints and Suggestions, property notices, personnel management, data management, value-added services.To create an intelligent living environment, improve the property efficiency, reduce costs, enhance public praise, enhance competitiveness so as to improve the satisfaction and sense of security of the owners, to achieve the maximization of brand value.
  • Community Service

    Community activities, community government affairs, community health care, community supermarkets, community BBS and other services enhance the sense of well-being of owners, break the neighborhood indifference, and rebuild the warm community.
  • Community Business Circle

    Create O2O community business platform, group purchase, preferential promotion, offline distribution and other services, enhance the surrounding business district resource integration and rationalized operation and management ability, fully meet all the living needs of owners, improve the overall service quality.

Function Of Plate

  • Realty Service

    Parking lot management, closed-circuit monitoring management, access control system, intelligent payment, elevator management, report for repair, automatic sprinkler and other related community property intelligent management.

  • Community E-commerce Services

    In the commercial trade activities within the community, the online shopping, business activities, trading activities, financial activities and related comprehensive service activities of consumers can be realized.

  • Smart Elderly Service

    By using the Internet of things technology and various sensors, the daily life of the elderly is monitored remotely, so as to serve them in a timely manner.

  • Intelligent Household

    It is an efficient, comfortable, convenient and environment-friendly living environment integrating system, structure, service and management.

  • Community Logistics

    For the urban community business and community residents, the delivery of goods from suppliers to community shops or residents of the end of the form of logistics, logistics is the 'real last 100 meters.

  • Community E-government

    To provide quality and comprehensive, standardized and transparent management and services in line with international standards, beyond time, space and departmental boundaries.

  • Community Health Care

    Community medicine refers to general medical care, that is, some medical treatment before the patient is referred to a hospital or specialist.

  • Community Information Management

    Composed of people and computers, it can collect, transmit, store, process, maintain and use management information.