Information System Integration

It adopts application software integration, information data integration, equipment system integration, data aggregation and other technologies to realize centralized, efficient and convenient management.


Integrate the separate equipment, functions and information into the interrelated, unified and coordinated system, so as to fully share resources and realize centralized, efficient and convenient management.System integration adopts various integration technologies such as function integration, network integration and software interface integration.The key of system integration is to solve the problem of interconnection and interoperability between systems. It is a multi-vendor, multi-protocol and application-oriented architecture.It is necessary to solve the interface, protocol, system platform, application software and other integration-oriented problems related to subsystems, building environment, construction coordination, organization and management and personnel allocation between various types of equipment and subsystems.


Integrated Structure Diagram

  • and application management
  • Security policy and technology
  • Application system
  • Database system
  • An external device
  • Storage system
  • Network system
  • Computer platform
  • System integration
Integrated Structure Diagram

Core Solution

  • Application software integration

    It provides near-real-time data interaction services for data and programs in multiple application systems, builds the integration of multiple business system resources and the interaction between multiple heterogeneous systems.

  • Information data integration

    Provide data and database integration services in the system, determine the source data model and other data integration services, more effectively achieve information sharing, ensure the consistency of information in multiple systems.

  • Device system integration

    The system integration, the underlying structure, software, intelligent hardware and the special needs of heterogeneous network integration services and other technology implementation, the use of intelligent equipment to connect each subsystem.

  • Data aggregation

    According to various business needs to provide data gathered into services, to solve all kinds of business data information island.