Indoor Positioning Navigation

Through WIFI, bluetooth, geomagnetism, PDR, UWB and other positioning methods of hybrid applications to provide accurate location services.


Indoor navigation service is in the indoor environment in the area inside the room to realize positioning, based on the reduction of indoor maps and high precision terminal application of indoor location technology, with HTML 5, IOSAPP, ANDROIDAPP rich form, WIFI, bluetooth, magnetism, PDR, UWB positioning a variety of ways of hybrid application provides precise positioning service, fast indoor navigation positioning and the docking, function development and project implementation.

  • UWB
  • Magnetic
  • WIFI
  • BLT
  • PDR

Functional Advantages

  • 01Map scene

    Personalize the 2d / 3d map scene

  • 02Navigation across buildings/floors

    Support same floor, cross floor and cross building navigation in the same park

  • 03Indoor voice navigation

    The optimal walking path is analyzed to provide indoor real-time voice navigation service

  • 04Indoor positioning

    Provide a variety of indoor positioning hybrid applications for different complex environments

  • 05Multiple search methods

    Provide the index list of floor, room and person, or search by hand or letter

Positioning Technology

WIFL positioning

  • Wifi-based wireless network popularization, deployment cost is low
  • 3 to 8 m positioning accuracy
  • Can provide wireless Internet service
  • Indoor positioning methods are diverse and optional

Bluetooth positioning

  • Beacon equipment small size, convenient deployment
  • 1 to 5 m positioning accuracy
  • Indoor positioning is not affected by the stadia
  • It can last 3 to 5 years

Magnetic positioning

  • No need to deploy additional hardware equipment, the acquisition of indoor geomagnetic information, indoor positioning can be achieved
  • Best up to 1 m positioning accuracy
  • Low cost and wide application range

PDR positioning

  • The terminal sensing module can be used to calculate the behavior of traveling personnel
  • Reduces position offset and improves accuracy, often in combination with other positioning techniques

Technical terminal support

  • Android

  • IOS

  • WEB(H5 indoor map)

  • Other tools

Hardware product selection

  • Beacon

  • AP